Cases Where Debit Card Service Is Not Available

The Debit Card Service is not available in the following cases:

The balance of your Seven Bank Account is insufficient.

Check your balance and deposit funds.

You have exceeded your debit card limit.

Check your debit card limit. To change the limit,click here.

The member merchant you used does not provide the Debit Card Service.

The Debit Card Service is not available for some types of payments, such as for expressway toll charges and purchases made on airplanes.

The Debit Card Service may be suspended temporarily in order to prevent unauthorized use or for other reasons.

If this happens, please call the Seven Bank Telephone Center or the JCB DebitCard Information Desk.

You entered an incorrect PIN repeatedly.

If you enter an incorrect debit PIN a certain number of times, your PIN will be locked and can no longer be used.
If you wish to continue the procedure, please first confirm your current debit PIN, and then follow the procedure to change the PIN at a Seven Bank ATM.

  • If you have forgotten your debit PIN, please access the MyJCB website and request a debit PIN notification. For details, click here.
  • When you change your debit PIN, you may also need to have your card reissued depending on the status of your contract.