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Always an ATM Near You. Access your Seven Bank accounts from various locations,including 7-Eleven stores,shopping centers,train stations,and airports.

Accepted Cash Cards and Service Charges

The service hours, charges and other items can be confirmed at each financial institution.

ATM Locator

You can perform searches to access ATM information, such as ATM locations, service hours and directions. Access the information by entering a keyword, by searching a map or area, or by browsing through available locations (7-Eleven stores, stations, etc.).

ATM Features

ATM functions can be confirmed that are not only secure but user-friendly.

  • Offering Safety and Security
  • More Convenient
  • Support for All Types of Customers
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Additional Functions on Type3Generation ATMs

ATM Features

1 Crime Prevention Butto  This crime prevention button immediately reports a crime to the security sensor.  2 Interco  The intercom connects directly to the Call Center if you have a problem.  3 Voice Guide→P29  4 Flashing Lamp  This lamp flashes to show the user where to insert their card.  5 Reminder Sensor and Speaker No. 2 Type3  A sensor and a speaker close to the dispenser are installed to remind the user to take back their card or bills that are dispensed. Don't forget your card or money  6 Large Hook  This large hook can be used to hang shopping bags.  7 Guard  This guard prevents others from seeing the user's operations.

8 Security Camera  This security camera records the front area in case a user forgets their card or money or in the event of an alarm.  9 Second Display  The second display shows information, such as a list of affiliated financial institutions, current campaign information and local area information, etc.  10 Mirror  The mirror can be used to confirm the area or situation behind the user while he or she is using the ATM.  11 ATM Screen  The ATM screen has a special film that prevents others from seeing the screen at an certain angle from the side.  12 Use of UD (Universal Design) Font  13 "nanaco" Service Support  The charges and balance can be confirmed on E-money "nanaco."* Not available at all ATMs.  14 Input Buttons  The input buttons are positioned inside to prevent others from seeing button operations.

Less Time Required for Transactions Type3  ATM users per hour that can be supported  2nd Generation ATM  80 people→3rd Generation ATM  100 people  Time required for 1 withdrawal at a 3rd generation ATM  Reduced by 1/3

Total Energy Savings Design Type3  Power consumption of 3rd generation ATM  Approximately 48% Less  Annual CO2 emissions at a 3rd generation ATM  Approximately 7,000 Tons Less  Effective Use of Resources  Recyclable materials and parts with a longer service life are used at 3rd generation ATMs

Optimizing Cash Operations Type3  Increase in cash cassettes, reducing the number of times required to replenish cash  3rd Generation ATM with 5 Cassettes  The cash cassettes were increased from 3 to 5 cassettes on 3rd generation ATMs to provide more efficient cash operations.  Different cash cassette combinations are available depending on the location needs.  Standard cassette combination  More "10,000 Yen bills" for business or shopping areas  More "1,000 Yen bills" for areas with more students  "Empty cassettes" for areas with more deposit transactions  * RJ: Reject storage. This place stores bills that have been deposited but cannot be withdrawn from the ATM due to being tainted or damaged.

International Money Transfer Service

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