Ways to Register and Use Direct Banking Service

  • You can also register to the Direct Banking Service from the International Money Transfer App. If you would like to register from the app, please check the operation procedure from this video. Click hereOpen in new window.
    The international money transfer app supports 9 languages. (Languages ​​supported: Japanese, English, Tagalog, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian) You can operate in your desired language.

You must register to use the Direct Banking Service.

If you use the Direct Banking Service for the first time, please first set up the Seven Bank International Money Transfer App and register to use the service.
How to set up the Seven Bank International Money Transfer App

First, open an account (free of charge),
if you do not have a Seven Bank account.

  • iThe Direct Banking Service may be unavailable depending on the customer's access environment. Confirm the access environment. In addition, confirm the security settings to ensure safe and secure services.