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Registering and Using from Your PC or Smartphone

  • The screen images may vary when using this service from your smartphone.

How to RegisterDetail

Step.1Customer Confirmation

  • Click on the "Register for Direct Banking Service" button.

  • Enter the "Branch number," "Account number" and "Customer ID" printed on the cash card.

cash card

  • Enter the "Registered telephone number."

  • Enter the same characters that are displayed in the image.

  • Proceed to register for the Direct Banking Service.

  • The service agreement page may be displayed depending on the customer's status of use. If displayed, after confirming the details and agreeing to them, proceed to the procedures on the next page.

Step.2Setting for Direct Banking Service Logon

  • Set your own "Logon ID" and "Logon password."

  • You may not register the "Logon ID" which is already used by another person. Press "Confirm Unused Logon ID" to confirm that the logon ID is not being used.

  • For customers who applied on or before October 16, 2016, procedure noted in the red frame is also required.

    • Enter the "Temporary PIN."
      The temporary PIN will be sent from Seven Bank to your registered email address once the account application has been completed. If you forgot your temporary PIN (or if your temporary PIN has expired), a new temporary PIN will be reissued. After the prescribed procedure is completed, you will be notified of your temporary PIN by email or postal mail (postcard).

    • Set your own PIN for your cash card.

    • If you have already changed the temporary PIN at a Seven Bank ATM, there is no entry necessary for and

  • Enter your "Date of Birth" and the "Confirmation Number" printed on the back of your cash card or on the back of your Direct Banking Card for customer confirmation.

  • Proceed to transfer limit setting. Proceed to confirm receipt of email if you have not completed the receipt settings for emails. Confirm the email receipt and continue with the procedure again.

  • When setting your logon ID, logon password and cash card PIN, avoid using alphanumeric characters that can be easily guessed by others, such as your name, date of birth (combinations of Western calendar year/Japanese calendar year, month and day), your registered telephone number, the same numeric characters repeated, or your vehicle license plate number.

Step.3Set Transfer Limit

  • Enter the transfer limit per day via the Direct Banking Service. The maximum transfer limit is 1 million Yen.

  • As the transfer limit for Direct Banking Service is set separately from that for ATMs, the setting of "Transfer Limit per Day" for ATM requires a separate registration procedure.

  • Confirm the entered information and set.

Step.4Registration Completed

Proceed to the top page of the Direct Banking Service.
You can now begin using the Direct Banking Service.

How to UseDetail


  • Click on the "Logon" button to proceed to the Logon page.

  • Enter the "Logon ID" and "Logon password" that were registered.

  • If you have not set (or changed) the logon ID by yourself, please enter your customer ID in the Logon ID field.

  • Click on the "Logon" button.

  • The service agreement page may be displayed depending on the customer's status of use. If displayed, after confirming the details and agreeing to them, proceed to the procedures on the next page.

Step.2Top Page after Logging onto Direct Banking Service

  • Customer Page Confirmation

    The previous logon date and time or the channel that was used can be confirmed.
    Your favorite image or photo can be selected and used.*
    3 types of buttons can be selected for the background setting.*
    * Cannot be used on a smartphone.

  • Message Box

    Messages and notifications from Seven Bank are displayed.

    • Note that 3 months after a message or notification is sent, it is deleted regardless if the user had logged on or not (Items that require a change procedure are not deleted).
    • If an important notice, such as an address change, is received, follow the procedure to make the necessary changes as soon as possible.
  • Balance and Statement

    The current "Deposit balance" and "Outstanding borrowing amount" can be confirmed.
    Click on the "Ordinary Deposit" "Time Deposit" or "Card Loan" to display the most recent statement of each.

    Plan and History of Money Transfer and International Money Transfer

    The "Domestic money transfer" and "International money transfer" transactions that are planned or that occurred can be confirmed.

  • Plan Notification Function

    You will receive a notification email about your registered plans (maximum of 15) on the date that was set (after 8:00 a.m.).
    You may be unable to register or edit your plan in the plan notification function depending on your status.

  • To exit, click on "Log Off (Exit)."

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