Notes for Using the Direct Banking Service

Connection Fee

Customers must cover the costs such as telephone charges and internet connection charges when using the Direct Banking Service.

System and Line Failures

If a failure occurs in the Direct Banking Service, a message about the failure will be posted right away on the Seven Bank website. Note, the Direct Banking Service or our website may not be available if there is a telecommunications equipment failure or line failure.

International Service Support

The Direct Banking Service is only available to individual customers who reside within Japan. Some or all of the Direct Banking Service and transactions may not be available abroad depending on the country's laws and ordinances, affairs or due to other reasons. In addition, note that Seven Bank will not contact the customer if service is unavailable.

Language Support

As a general rule, all Seven Bank Account services and transactions (including all terms and conditions, notifications, inquiries and other information) shall be conducted in Japanese. Displays or other directions may be available in Japanese and in languages other than Japanese for customer convenience and support, but such displays or directions are limited. In addition, if there is any inconsistency in meaning or content between the Japanese version and other languages, the Japanese version shall take precedent.