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Important Notice

June 28, 2019

Submitting Your Individual Number ("My Number")

The My Number (Individual Number) System was introduced in January 2016 as "social infrastructure to increase administrative transparency, bring greater convenience to the public, and create a fair and just society." 

For more details about the My Number System, see HERE (Cabinet Office, Government of Japan website)

  • Seven Bank checks every customer's Individual Number when they sign up for the International Money Transfer Service for the purpose of creating legal documents related to international money transfers and other transactions.
    Following the introduction of the deposit account numbering system which links customer information concerning deposit accounts and the account holders' Individual Numbers, the Individual Numbers submitted by customers will also be used for account numbering tasks, starting from January 2018.
  • We are requesting that all Seven Bank Account holders who have not signed up for the International Money Transfer Service submit their Individual Numbers under the deposit account numbering system.(Submission is not mandatory.)

1Customers who were signed up with the International Money Transfer Service before the My Number System began

Customers who signed up for the International Money Transfer Service before the introduction of the My Number System (on or before December 31, 2015) are also required to submit documents concerning their Individual Numbers.
We request that you submit the necessary documents at your earliest convenience.

For details of how to submit your Individual Number, see HERE.

2Customers who sign up for the International Money Transfer Service in the future

You need to submit a document proving your identity and documents related to your Individual Number.
Note that until you submit all documents related to your Individual Number, you cannot use the International Money Transfer Service.
For notes and required documents about submitting your Individual Number, see HERE.

3A Request from Seven Bank to Submit Your Individual Number in Accordance with the Bank Account Numbering System

In accordance with the bank account numbering system, Seven Bank is requesting that all customers with a Seven Bank Account submit their Individual Numbers (submission is not mandatory).
The bank account numbering system links your bank account to your Individual Number. It will be used for name-based aggregation with deposit insurance and the like, and for monetary and tax audits conducted by government agencies.
Note that you are not required to submit your Individual Number for this system. Hence, you will not experience any disadvantages to transactions if you do not submit your Individual Number.

(Customers who have signed up for the International Money Transfer Service must submit their Individual Number.)

  • For details, see the letter that you received with your cash card.
  • If you opened your account on or before December 31, 2017 and/or lost the letter included with your cash card, we will send you details about the Individual Number submission form and method, so please contact the Seven Bank Contact Center.
  • The following documents are required when submitting your Individual Number.
    • Individual Number submission form (cash card letter/paper)
    • Number confirmation document (one of the following)
      ○Copies of both sides of your Individual Number card
      ○Residence Certificate that contains your Individual Number (issued within the last six months)*
      *A copy is also acceptable.
  • The following documents are not acceptable as number confirmation documents.
    • A notification card
    • Individual number notification letter

Contact Center : 0120-937-711 (English / Toll free)
Mon to Sat 9:00~18:00
(Except Sundays, National Holidays and 12/31~1/3)

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