September 12, 2018

Important Notice

[Important] Revision of Fees for Paper Statement Mailing Service

Seven Bank will revise the fees for the paper statement mailing service as detailed below for paper statements mailed in March 2019 and thereafter.
We will continue our efforts to enhance our services for the satisfaction of our customers. We appreciate your understanding.

You can check your account statements via the Direct Banking Service or on App Bankbook, free of charge. We hope you use these services.

1. Details of the fee revision

(including consumption tax, etc.)

Before revision After revision
Postal mail 108 Yen / month 216 Yen / month
Reissue and Extra Issue 216 Yen / Statement 540 Yen / Statement

2. When the revised fees will be applicable
The revised fees will be applicable to paper statements mailed in March 2019 and thereafter (for statements of transactions in February 2019 and thereafter).

For inquiries regarding this matter
Contact Us at Seven Bank Customer Center
Telephone Number:0120-937-711 (Toll Free) or 03-5610-7791 (Charged)
Mondays thru Fridays 10:00~20:00 Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays 10:00~17:00 (Except 1/1~1/3)