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Identity Verification Documents

Seven Bank confirms the identity of the account holder using identity verification documents in order to provide customers with safe and secure transactions.
The required identity verification documents vary depending on how you receive your cash card.

  • If an International Money Transfer contract will be made on and after Januart 1, 2016, submission of documents related to Individual Number or My number is required, in addition to the submission of identity verification documents.
    More information can be found here.

Identity Verification Documents Required for Opening an Account

When Opening an Account Online

The identity verification documents do not need to be presented to Seven Bank except when receiving the cash card using the ID Confirmation Delivery Service.

Identity Verification Documents Required When Using ID Confirmation Delivery Service (Japanese Only)

  • The following customers are unable to complete the statutory procedure for identity verification online. If you fall under any of the following, please make an application by mail.
    [Customers who are required to make an application by mail]
    - Customers who are foreign nationals
    - Customers aged less than 15
    - Customers whose name is written in hiragana or katakana

When Opening an Account by Mail

Please enclose "2 identify verification documents" or "1 identity verification document and 1 receipt, etc.," together with the completed application form, in the return envelope we sent to you.

  • Note that the documents that are mailed will not be returned.

  • We strictly adhere to all laws and ordinances when handling personal information noted on identity verification documents that are provided (Refer to "Privacy Policy").

  • For applicants under the age of 15, the "signature and identity verification document" of the applicant's legal guardian are required in addition to the "2 identity verification documents" or "1 identity verification document and 1 receipt, etc." of the applicant.

  • In order to confirm the authenticity of the application, Seven Bank may call the applicant at a later date.

(1)Official Certificate (1 of the Following Documents)

An official certificate that has the same name, address and date of birth as what is entered on the application form.

Valid copies at the time received by Seven Bank

Driver's license・Driving record certificate (Japanese only)
If a change is recorded, copy the reverse side as well. Confirm that it is not expired.

Passport (Japanese only)
If the passport does not have an IC chip, copy the page with the photo, current address and the seal of the Minister for Foreign Affairs. If the passport does have an IC chip, copy the page with the photo and the current address.
Confirm that it is not expired.

National Health Insurance Card・Mutual aid association card (Japanese only)
Copy all pages necessary to show the name, current address and date of birth.
If you are a non-working dependent, the page that shows the dependents must also be copied.

Residence Card (Japanese only)
Including the back side

Basic Resident Registration Card (Only with photo) (Japanese only)
If the current address, etc., is noted on the reverse side, copy the reverse side as well.
Confirm that it is not expired.

Pension Handbooks・Welfare certificate (Japanese only)
Handbooks without a publisher seal are not accepted.
An imprint of the publisher seal is required for corrections. Handbooks without a publisher seal for any corrections are not accepted.

Official Copy (Photocopies are not accepted)
Accepted by Seven Bank within 3 months after it is issued

Certificate of Residence (Japanese only)
Only an official copy of the certificate of residence is valid (it is not a photocopy).

Certificate of Items Stated in Resident Register (Japanese only)

Seal Registration Certificate (Japanese only)

  • Foreign nationals must always enclose a "photocopy of residence card."
    In addition, use the name field for alphabet entry on the application form for applicants with names in alphabet or in other foreign characters.

  • When an address and the registered domicile are noted in the document, if the address and the registered domicile are different, black out the registered domicile.

  • The photocopy must be the actual size using A4 or B5 paper so that the top portion is not cut off.

  • A document which is not included in those listed above can be used as an identity verification document if it is clearly found to have been issued by a government agency and indicates the applicant's name, current address, and date of birth (limited to one that is valid at the time when it is received by Seven Bank). If you submit such an identity verification document for which there is no check box in the application form, you do not need to enter a check mark in the "Identity Verification Documents" section of the application form.


A receipt that has the same name and address as what is entered on the application form.

Official Copy(Photocopies are not accepted)*

Receipt for social insurance premiums

Receipt for/ certificate of tax payment of national or local tax

Receipt for public utility charges

Telephone (Japanese only)

Electric (Japanese only)

Water (Japanese only)

NHK (Japanese only)

  • Receipt accepted by Seven Bank within 6 months after it is issued.

  • A receipt for public utility charges issued to the applicant's relative who has the same last name as and lives together with the applicant can also be used (it must indicate the same address as the address entered in the application form).

  • An account cannot be opened under a false name or using the identity of another person. In addition, it is illegal to sell, buy or assign accounts and for another person to use your cash card.
  • If misuse or fraud is discovered for a crime in which a bank transfer scam is carried out for an existing account or an account is opened using falsified or forged identity verification documents, measures shall be taken to suspend or terminate the account and report the event to the proper authorities pursuant to the law.

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