Precautions When Making an Application

An application to open an account may be made by mail.

For other precautions, please read the following.

Eligible Applicants
  • Individuals who have resided in Japan 6 months or longer, with a limit of 1 account per person.
  • The name of the account holder shall be limited to the name of the applicant only. An account cannot be opened using a name bearing a corporate name or trade name. (It cannot be used as a business account.)
  • If the applicant is aged under 15, the "signature and identity verification document" of the applicant's legal guardian are required in addition to the "2 identity verification documents" of the applicant.
  • Use the name field for alphabet entry on the application form for applicants with names in alphabet or in other foreign characters.
  • Foreign nationals need: "photocopy of residence card."
  • We request our customers to follow a special procedure if they fall within the category of current or former foreign PEPs or family members thereof.
    For details, see here.Open in new windows
  • When applying for other services at the same time, applicants must be of age 16 years or older for Debit Service, age 18 years or older for International Money Transfer Service. For more details, please refer to "Service Outline" for each services described.
Identity Verification Documents

Identity verification documents are required when applying for an account.

  • -Making an application by simplified registered mail: The applicant is required to submit "2 identity verification documents" which indicate the applicant's name, address, and date of birth.
    If you are a foreign national, submit two items: (1) your residence cardor special permanent resident certificate(photocopy); and (2) your resident record (official copy; photocopy not acceptable).
    • In addition, use the name field for alphabet entry on the application form for applicants with names in alphabet or in other foreign characters.
    For more details, please refer to the Identity Verification DocumentsOpen in new window page on our website.
  • -If there is any insufficiency in the information you have entered in an application form, an account will not be opened, and you will need to re-apply in order to open an account.
    Please note that we will not return any documents you send to us.
How to Receive Cash Card

When Opening an Account by Mail (Simple Registered Post)

Within 1 or 2 weeks after the receipt of the application form, Seven Bank will send a cash card to the customer's registered address by simple registered mail (with no forwarding service). If the cash card is returned to Seven Bank due to nondelivery, etc., the new account may be canceled.

  • iIf the application for opening an account goes during the period at the end of the year and the New Year or Golden Week holidays, processing may take longer than usual.
Seven Bank ATM Transactions

At Seven Bank ATMs, a maximum of 50 bills can be withdrawn or deposited at a time. Note, for transactions that incur a service fee, a fee is charged for the number of transactions. In addition, the following transactions cannot be carried out at Seven Bank ATMs: "Fund transfer with cash," "Deposit or withdrawal with coins" and "Deposit that is less than the amount inserted."

  • iSeven Bank ATMs may not be available due to system maintenance or regular inspection, etc.
Transactions through ATMs other than Seven Bank ATMs

Transactions for Ordinary Deposit accounts are also possible at ATMs for any of the following banks: MUFG Bank, Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Mizuho Bank and Japan Post Bank. However, some transactions may be different from those transactions that can be used at Seven Bank ATMs.

Access Environment for Direct Banking Service

We recommend using the Seven Bank's prescribed access environment (OS, browser, etc.) for the Direct Banking Service.

Privacy Policy

Seven Bank values the trust of our customers and strives to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the personal information provided by our customers in accordance with the Seven Bank Privacy Policy. Refer to the Seven Bank ATM page or the "Privacy Policy" for further details on Seven Bank Privacy Policy.