Refunds/Unknown Transactions


Refund in the case of canceling a purchase of a product

If you cancel the purchase of a product, your account will be refunded the cost of the product.
After Seven Bank has confirmed the cancellation from the JCB merchant, the cost of the product will be refunded to your account.

  • Depending on how many days are necessary for the JCB merchant to process the refund, it may take some days until you receive the refund.

Number of days until the purchase price is refunded

Please note that if the transaction is not canceled by the JCB merchant (the cancellation information does not reach Seven Bank) and 60 days pass, the transaction on the debit card is canceled and your account is refunded.

If you require a quick refund, request that the applicable JCB merchant cancel the transaction.

Cases of duplicate refunds or withdrawals at some member merchants

In rare cases, even after the amount of the purchase you have canceled is refunded to your ordinary deposit account, we may receive a message from the member merchant notifying us of the sale, depending on the timing of the cancellation.
If we receive a message notifying us of the confirmation of your purchase after we receive your request for cancellation, the amount of the purchase may be withdrawn from your ordinary deposit account temporarily, depending on the timing.

  • If the balance of your account is insufficient at the time of withdrawal, we will send you a request for deposit. We will refund the amount of the cancelled purchase to your account as soon as we receive a request for refund from you on a later date. We appreciate your understanding.

Charges for unknown transactions

Payment for a reserved hotel room or annual membership fees may be withdrawn from your account on the day that is not the day on which you actually used the Debit Card Service. You may receive a notification sent to your registered email address when a transaction arises due to the procedure at a member merchant.
Please check your debit card statements, and confirm with the member merchant if the amount withdrawn is different from what you expected.

Settings for email notifications

You may receive a notification sent to your registered email address when a transaction occurs.
This enables you to check the transaction by yourself in case your card is misused by a third party.
You can change the settings for email notifications on the “Customer Service” page of the Direct Banking Service website.
For details about Seven Bank’s notification service, please click here (Japanese Only).

Transfer of the difference caused by exchange rate fluctuations upon the use of a JCB member merchant overseas

If you use the debit card overseas, money converted into yen is temporarily withdrawn at the rate at the time the card is used.
When finalized sales information arrives at Seven Bank at a later date from the JCB merchant, the difference in amount due to exchange rate fluctuations from when the card was used will be withdrawn or refunded based on the rate used when payment was made at the JCB merchant store from JCB.
Example of a difference in amount occuringOpen in new windows

Small withdrawals which you don't recall making (validity check)

In order to confirm the validity of your card, some member merchants may charge a small amount (e.g., 11 yen, 100 yen or 200 yen) to your card even when you have not used the card.
If this happens, the charged amount will be refunded to your account as soon as possible after the member merchant completes the refund procedure. However, it may take two months or so at the maximum before you receive the refund, depending on the member merchant’s procedure.

You need a Seven Bank Account to apply for the Debit Card Service.

Customers who have a Seven Bank Account

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Customers who do not have a Seven Bank Account