You need a Seven Bank Account to use the Debit Card Service.
Items you can select when applying for a debit card

  • You can select from two different cash card designs (the design cannot be changed once the card is issued).
  • When you apply for a nanaco card or nanaco mobile that earns points, you can select either a nanaco integrated cash card or a nanaco linked cash card. (Note that once your card is issued, you will not be able to switch from a cash card with nanaco to a cash card without nanaco, or vice versa.)
  • iIf you select a nanaco integrated cash card, a new nanaco number will be issued. If you already have nanaco, you will not be able to transfer the balance of your electronic currency and points to the new nanaco number.
  • iIf you want continue using your existing nanaco number to collect points, please select a nanaco linked cash card.

【Notes on application】

  • You need to set a debit PIN, in addition to the PIN for the Cash Card, to be entered when using a Debit Card Service.
  • For fraud prevention purposes, numbers easily guessable by third parties cannot be registered as the PIN.
  • iYou can change your debit PIN at Seven Bank ATMs.If you have forgotten your debit PIN, please access the MyJCB website and request a debit PIN notification. For details, click here
  • iWhen you change your debit PIN, you may also need to have your card reissued depending on the status of your contract.


Customers who have a Seven Bank Account


Customers who do not have a Seven Bank Account

You can apply to open a Seven Bank Account at the same time.

Open an account: Apply for a new account (Japanese/English)

Start: Start your application from

*Please check Precautions When Making an Application before you make an application.

Step.1Register your email address

An email with a link to the application page is sent to the email address you entered.
After receiving the email, complete the application process within 24 hours on the application page.

  • iIf you do not complete the process within 24 hours, you will have to start the process from the beginning.
  • iAny future correspondence and/or notifications from Seven Bank will be sent to the registered email address.
    If you have configured email filters, such as specifying domains, to stop spam, you may not receive notification emails from the Bank. Change your settings so that you can receive emails from the Bank. * If you have email filters configured, specify the domain. For details on how to specify domains, see your mobile phone company and/or ISP's website.
Step.2Enter your information on the application page that the link in the email you received links to

Check the Terms of Use and the like, and if you agree to the terms, enter your information.

Application Method Open an account via postal mail
(Request documents for opening an account.)
Identity Verification Method Please enclose "2 identify verification documents together with the completed application form, in the return envelope we sent to you.
Ways to receive the cash card Simplified registered mail
Time taken to receive the card Approximately 2 weeks after your application arrives at Seven Bank by post
Who can accept the envelope (cash card) Persons other than the applicant also
(Only the applicant can open the envelope)
  • iThe documents you are required to submit for identity verification differ depending on the application procedure you select.

Identity verification document(s) required

Opening an account by mail
  • Submit two items: (1) your resident record (photocopy not acceptable); and (2) your health insurance card.
  • If you are a foreign national, submit two items: (1) your residence card; and (2) your resident record (photocopy not acceptable).
  • ithe information entered at the time of online application. If the applicant is aged under 15, the "signature and identity verification document" of the applicant's legal guardian are required in addition to the "2 identity verification documents" of the applicant.
  • iClick here for more details about identity verification documents.
  • iIf you apply to open an account during holiday periods, such as New Year and Golden Week, your application may take longer than usual to process.
Step.3Receive the cash card
  • iMake sure to sign your name in the signature panel on the back of the card.
  • The card may be used only by the account holder whose name is printed and who has put his/her signature on the card. A card without the account holder's signature on its back may not be used at any member merchant . Damage incurred due to misuse of a lost or stolen card will not be compensated.

Cash Card with Debit Card

Cash Card with Debit Card Service(w/ nanaco)

Cash Card with Debit Card Service (w/o nanaco)

  • 1 Debit card number
    The number necessary when using the Debit Card Service for online shopping or making inquiries.
  • 2 Expiry date
    The expiry date for the card, indicated as "month/year” (the last two digits)
  • 3 Security code
    The security code is a 3-digit number on the right of the 7-digit number printed on the back of the card.(The 4-digit number on the left is the last 4 digits of your Debit Card number.)
    You may need input the security code in addition to the debit card number and expiration date for security purposes when shopping on the Internet.
  • 4 nanaco number and other number (7 digits) on the lower right
    These numbers may be necessary when using the nanaco E-Money Service.


To use the Cash Card with Debit Card Service, you need to have registered two PINs with us upon application.

  • i
    • Cash card PIN

      You use this PIN when depositing and withdrawing money to and from your Seven Bank Account. You can change your cash card PIN at Seven Bank ATMs and via the Direct Banking Service.
      If you forgot your Cash Card PIN, please complete the re-setting procedure.
      For details, click here .
    • Debit card PIN
      You use this PIN when using the Debit Card Service. Your card may need to be reissued when the debit PIN is changed. If you have forgotten your debit card PIN, please access the MyJCB website and request a debit card PIN notification.* For details about MyJCB, please click here.
Step.4Register for Direct Banking Service

To use the Direct Banking Service, you must first register.

You can now use the Direct Banking Service and perform transactions at ATMs

  • i
    • To apply, personal identification is required.
      Prepare the personal identification documents specified by Seven Bank in advance.
      About personal identification documents
    • Your application to open an account may be canceled in the following cases:
      • If the cash card cannot be delivered to the address you specified on your application form due to the mail not arriving or similar reasons.
      • If you do not take delivery of the cash card by the expiration of the storage period after the "Attempted Delivery Notice" has been delivered.
      • If it is discovered that you have foreign nationality when you show your personal identification to receive the certified mail.
    • If there is any insufficiency in the information you have entered in an application form, an account will not be opened, and you will need to re-apply in order to open an account.
    • Please note that we will not return any documents you send to us.

You need a Seven Bank Account to apply for the Debit Card Service.

Customers who have a Seven Bank Account

(Change to the Cash Card with Debit Card Service)

Customers who do not have a Seven Bank Account