1. Before Using the Direct Banking Service

1-1. Register for Direct Banking Service

Use your cash card as a reference to enter the required items.

After Completing the Entry Above, Click Here

1-2 Logon Settings

First, let's configure the settings for logging onto (using) Direct Banking.

The customer sets up the 3 items below. Logon ID Used for logging onto Direct Banking. Logon Cash Card PIN Used for ATM transactions, etc.

The customer identification is confirmed. PIN* Enter your cash card PIN. Date of Birth Confirmation Number Printed on the back of your Cash Card or on your Direct Banking Card. * If you applied to open an account on or before October 16, 2016, and you have not yet changed your temporary PIN to a new PIN, enter the temporary PIN.

After Completing the Settings Above, Click Here  Go to Transfer Limit Setting

When setting your logon ID, logon password and cash card PIN, avoid using alphanumeric characters that can be easily guessed by others, such as your name, date of birth (combinations of Western calendar year/Japanese calendar year, month and day), your registered telephone number, the same numeric characters repeated, or your vehicle license plate number.

1-3 Set Transfer Limit

Lastly, you configure the set up before using the service.

The transfer limit can be set to a maximum of 1 million Yen per day.

  • You must login separately to set the ATM transfer limit.
  • You may need to confirm receipt at your email address before setting the transfer limit.

You are now ready to use the Direct Banking Service. Next, let's look at the Ways to Use the Direct Banking Service.