2.Ways to Use the Direct Banking Service

2-1 Logon

You must start from the logon page each time you use Direct Banking.

Enter the registered "Logon ID" and "Logon Password" to "Logon."  After Completing the Settings Above, Click Here

  • Follow the procedure from this page if you forgot your logon ID or password. If you have not set (or changed) the logon ID by yourself, please enter your customer ID in the Logon ID field.

2-2 Direct Banking Top (1)

At the top page, you can confirm an "Important Notice" or "Notification from Seven Bank."

2-3 Top of Direct Banking (2)

At the top page, you can also confirm the "Past Transactions" or the "Plan and History of Money Transfer and International Money Transfer."

2-4 Top of Direct Banking (3)

To exit, click on "Log Off (Exit)" button at the bottom of the page.