5. Time Deposits

5-1 Procedure for Placing a Time Deposit (1)

You can place a Time Deposit any time using Direct Banking Service.

■Procedure for Placing a Time Deposit

Start from Here to Place a Time Deposit

Enter Deposit Amount

Confirm the Applicable Interest Rate and Select the Desired Term
The maturity date can also be designated.

Select the Maturity Instructions

It is useful to write memos when placing a Time Deposit for purchase installments for your own home.

5-2 Procedure for Placing a Time Deposit (2)

You can refer to the list of Time Deposits that you placed to confirm them.

You can change the maturity instructions any time.

5-3 Procedure for Placing a Time Deposit (3)

You can also use the Direct Banking Service to cancel the Time Deposit. Partial cancellations in units of 10,000 Yen are accepted, which is also convenient when you need money urgently.