4. Domestic Money Transfer

4-1 Top of Domestic Money Transfer

Domestic money transfers can be easily carried out via the Direct Banking Service. The automatic domestic money transfer is also useful for scheduling and carrying out domestic money transfers any time, such as for monthly payments like rent.

You can also quickly check the available amount for domestic money transfers.

There is a domestic money transfer fee.

4-2 List of Registered Receivers

If you register the receiver when performing a new domestic money transfer, your next transfer will be easier.

Memo fields can be registered freely when making a domestic money transfer. This function is useful when confirming what the domestic money transfer is for.

Receivers for which there has been no activity for the past 14 months will be deleted on the Seven Bank's prescribed date.

4-3 Transfer History Details

You can always confirm the "transfer later" details or planned automatic domestic money transfer from the transfer history log.

You can cancel or change the upcoming transaction in 1, and you can make the transfer again from the transfer history 2.