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If you prefer cash and credit card (Compare the Debit Card to Cash and Credit)

You can use the debit card in the same way as you use a credit card.
As you can set a limit on your account balance and withdraw money from your account every time you use the card, easy expenditure management is its main feature.
Simply put, you can have the convenience of paying with a card while using the card like cash.


Cash (Japanese yen)

Seven Bank Cash Card with Debit Card Service

Credit card*1

Instant payment

Cash payments

Withdrawal from your account*2


Deferred payment



Easy application conditions

Application is possible for who is 16years old and above

Applicant who is 18 years old and above with a stable income
Guardian approval is necessary for those under 20 years old

Application screening



Accepted locations
(Shopping in Japan)

Accepted anywhere

JCB merchants in Japan

Merchants in Japan

Accepted locations
(Net shopping)

Cannot be used online

JCB merchants


Accepted locations
(Shopping overseas)

Must be exchanged for local currency

Overseas JCB merchants

Overseas merchants

Accepted locations
(Withdrawal of local currency at overseas ATMs)

Must be exchanged for local currency

Overseas ATMs with JCB or Cirrus marks

Overseas ATMs



Earning nanaco points

Various point programs



Various security measures

  • *1 Specifications are based on those of typical credit cards. For details, see the criteria for each credit card company and product.
  • *2 Charges at some member shops may be withdrawn on a later date.

Recommended feature of the debit card

New tactile app Bankbook

New tactile app Bankbook

"Hmmm... How much do I have in my account?" "Gee, I spent too much money this month. I wonder when I spent it?" Do you ever have these kinds of concerns? You can solve these problems quickly by looking at your balance and statement in the app Bankbook! And download of the app is of course free!

You need a Seven Bank Account to apply for the Debit Card Service.

Customers who have a Seven Bank Account

(Change to the Cash Card with Debit Card Service)

Customers who do not have a Seven Bank Account

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