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Smartphone Authentication Service

Smartphone Authentication Service offers a "more secure" and "more convenient" way to enjoy our Direct Banking Service.


You can carry out and approve certain transactions such as domestic money transfers using this smartphone application. Even in the event that your password is stolen or used by a third party, it is possible to prevent unauthorized domestic money transfers from occurring.


The approval operation is simple and easy, because in this smartphone application, you only have to push a button to approve a transaction.
It is now more convenient to use Direct Banking Service because you can approve transactions from your smartphone.

About Smartphone Authentication ServiceClose

Procedure of domestic money transfer

STEP1 Enter receiver and transfer details STEP2 Receive a notification STEP3 Approve FINISH Carry out the domestic money transfer

After registering for Smartphone Authentication Service, the following functions can be authenticated on your smartphone. (Confirmation number will be not needed)

  • Specify New Receiver and Send Domestic Money Transfer
  • Create New Conditions
  • Change (Resume) Conditions for Automatic Money Transfer
  • Online Payment Service
  • *All other transactions not noted above can be carried out the same way as before.
  • Using Smartphone Authentication Service is completely free.

How to registerClose

You can register for Smartphone Authentication Service as follows.

STEP1 Select to use Smartphone Authentication Service STEP2 Download Smartphone application by using the code or button STEP3 Start smartphone application download FINISH After registering, the procedure is complete

Seven Bank Account
Customers who do not have a Seven Bank Account must open an account (free of charge).

Register for Direct Banking Service
Customers who are not resgistered to use Direct Banking must register for this service.

Login and Register for Smartphone Authentication Service

Cancellation methodClose

To cancel use of the Smartphone Authentication Service, perform the following procedure via the Direct Banking Service.

STEP1 Select the setting for canceling use of the Smartphone Authentication Service. STEP2 Open the downloaded app. FINISH In the App, tap the Accept button to complete the cancellation.

Logon and cancel for the Smartphone Authentication Service via the Customer Service

  • If you change your smartphone device, cancel use of the Smartphone Authentication Service for your old device, and then register your new device for the service.

Precautions and Other NotesClose

  • The Smartphone Authentication Service is specifically for the Direct Banking Service. The service cannot be used for ATM transactions.
  • The smartphone application VIP Access is available and provided by the Symantec Corporation.
  • Users can also register for VIP Access via web services provided by other companies. However, the customer information including Seven Bank transaction information is not disclosed to the third parties that offer those web services.
  • When approving a transaction using the Smartphone Authentication Service, approval can be performed, in some case, from the application lock screen. However, you should always launch the application and confirm the transaction details before approving the transaction.

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