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'Deposit into a bank account' for China and the Philippines.

10:00 - 20:00, Sunday-Friday,
Except public holidays, and from 31 December - 3 January
In English0120-033-253

Anytime you want

In principle, you can send money
24 hours a day, 365 days a year
through the Seven Bank ATMs or the internet.

Bank accounts that can be registered with the service "Deposit Into Bank Account" to the Philippines are Banco de Oro (BDO), MetroBank, Bank of the Philippine Islands and many more. For China, banks such as China Bank, Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and much more. that you can choose from!
*The list of major receiving banks are here

* Deposits to a Bank Account in China is CNY, Deposits to a Bank Account in Philippines it would be Peso to be paid.

【Important notes on "Deposit into bank account" service to China】

●Account number that can be registered:
"Account number that starts from 62 digits with a total length of 14 to 19 digits"
Please be advised that the receiving bank account number will be the Bank card number and not passbook cccount number.

Due to the observance of laws of China's local bank authorities and Western Union, money transfers will be limited by the folowing transactional restrictions.

(1) Per transaction is 50,000 CN Yuan equivalent

(2) Per day is 80,000 Chinese Yuan (CNY) equivalent (*)

(*) The total amount sent to the same receiving bank account, including transferred funds from other companies.

(3) Eequivalent in and/or exceeding to $15,000 USD in 30 rolling days.


For "Deposit into Bank account" services to China and the Philippines, the remittance fee is 2,000 Yen (Fixed Rate) ! (*2)

The send fee is uniform regardless of the amount.


Since it is a bank account, you can make deposits and domestic money transfers!
With Seven Bank ATM,
You can make withdrawals for free on saturdays, sundays and holidays from 7 AM to 7 PM
There is no charge for account maintenance

Customer Support

You can apply either online or through the international money transfer customer center.
At our customer center, all your applications and questions will be supported by an ENGLISH-SPEAKING STAFF

* You will need to open an account and apply for agreement to use the International money transfer service.

Applications for Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service / Additional registration of receivers are here

You can read details about International Money Transfer Service here