Regarding with the verification of My Number for Customers who use International Money Transfer Service

June, 2017
Seven Bank, Ltd

Under the Japanese laws and regulations, all customers who applied before December 31, 2015 for Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service will be required to submit their Individual number (My Number) until December 31, 2018.

In this regard, we will mail a letter to our customers on or after July 2017 in choronological order.

Please follow the procedures as soon as it arrives.


Please submit by any of the following 2 methods below.

    1.Please submit either of the following methods (1) or (2).

  • (1)Submit by taking a picture of your My Number thru your smartphone or tablet device.
  • (2)Submit a photocopy of your My Number using the enclosed envelope provided in the letter we sent.

【Important Advisory】
Please be advised that starting December 17, 2018.
(1) You will no longer be able to send images via smartphone or tablet devices

(1)Compatible OS for smartphone devices

  • For iPhone users
    OS Version
    : If device is equipped with iOS8 or later
    : Safari
  • For Android users
    OS Version
    : If device is 4.2, Internet Browser is Google Chrome
    OS Version
    : If device is 4.4, Internet Browser is Google Chrome / Regular Browser

2.You will be able to submit My Number from the Seven Bank Money Transfer App

Using the Seven Bank Money Transfer App, you can submit My Number by yourself.
After you press the "My Number" button from the main menu, verify all the important details and proceed.

* Please be advised that we can not return any data of documents you have submitted using this function.

Please be reminded that if you were not able to submit your My Number by December 31, 2018, it is possible that you may not be able to use the International Money Transfer Service until it is duly submitted to Seven Bank